How being THAT mom leads to new friends.

PingMe How being that mom leads to new friends

We all know ‘those’ moms. The ones that are at every school event, that opt to be class mom, that put their hand up to help at the tuckshop and every cake sale the school holds. The ones that are able to make their kids’ sports practices and take them to their hour-long gymnastics lessons. The ones that are always chatting to people and seem to know the entire school. You know the moms I’m talking about, right? The moms we outwardly despise but secretly admire.

Judgement and stereotypes aside, whatever you feel about these moms, it is safe to say that these moms aren’t ever without people around them. They have put themselves in positions where they are able to meet other moms, know the school teachers and be involved in their kids’ lives.

Making Friends with other Moms is important for your Health!

Making friends with other moms is an important part of your mental well-being. Creating a bond with someone who is going through the same daily situations as you are, who you can laugh with and share your mommy fears with, is not an easy feat, but it is an important one.

Your children’s friends are an integral part to their lives, and so getting to know them and their moms should be important to you – these friends of theirs may be in your life for many years.

So how do you do this? How do you make friends by being ‘that’ mom, without being THAT mom?

Unless you’re a stay at home mom, you don’t have time to be the mom that is ever-present. You can’t be at all the cake sales or help at all the school events. I get that. BUT, there are some things that you can do to make you feel that you are still involved, without taking up most of your limited and valuable time.

Be Visible

You can start by putting yourself out there. Put yourself in situations that allow you to meet people. Instead of dropping your kids off at the gate, walk them to their class. Instead of waiting in the car for them to finish their extracurricular activities, wait for the them on the side of the field or at the pool. In doing this, you are making yourself available to meet new people.

Make the First Move

Then take the first step. Introduce yourself to other moms that are also there. Spark up idle conversation, ask the person questions about themselves. Laugh. Be charming. Care for the people you are talking to. Make mental notes on what they are saying so that when you see them again the following week, you’ll have conversation to build on.

Go With the Flow

From here there are things that will naturally take its course: you’ll be introduced to other moms, play dates will probably be set up, you’ll get to meet some teachers, your kids will love that you are there, aaaaand you’ll make some new friends!

Cherish New Friendships

I am not saying that every mom needs to be the extreme of this type of mom. As a working mom, this kind of behaviour is generally impossible, but, what I am saying is that being involved in your child’s life and being present allows you to meet, make and maintain, what we all feel the need to have… friends!

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