Would you use one?

Consider GPS Kids Watch

Would you use a GPS kids watch or tracker?

GPS kids watches or tracking devices can give parents peace of mind that their child or children are safe. Although it may be safer to wear a GPS kids watch or tracking device than not wearing one, technology does not guarantee children’s safety.

Will tracking systems eventually become small and advanced enough to be the safeguard parents are looking for? Would you use a GPS tracking system to monitor your child if there was a monthly service fee? How would you feel if your child was equipped with a personal GPS? Would you feel safe? These are just some of the many questions that parents ask themselves when it comes to deciding whether a GPS kids watch or tracking device would work for them or not.

Technology has changed the parenting in many different ways, but keeping track of a child must certainly be at the top of the list. Parents are able to keep an eye on their children with nanny cams, track their location using the GPS kids watches and tracking devices, to mention a couple.

As parents you need to ask yourselves whether using technology, particularly GPS kids watches and tracking devices, to keep an eye on your children is really necessary and whether it will actually protect your children. According to experts, parents must rather teach their children to be independent and how to cope with risks and dangers. Trackers, according to experts, could limit children’s privacy and personal freedom, while also encouraging them to accept surveillance. A concern is that children will learn to accept being tracked and that their behaviour and development will be impacted upon. A child’s right to privacy needs to be considered and parents must keep in mind that their children need their own private spaces to be able to play without being watched or monitored.

It is important that GPS kids watches and trackers are not used as spying devices. Parents must be reminded that the purpose of the trackers is to give children independence while reassuring their parents that they are safe.

The use of technology, particularly for tracking purposes, requires parents to be honest with their children and to explain the purpose of the GPS kids watches or tracking devices. No form of technology can completely protect children from threat and children must understand that GPS kids watches and trackers are no guarantee of their safety. They will have to be taught how to make the correct choices too.

If you are considering using a GPS kids watch or tracking device, it is important to remember that using this technology will never be a replacement for your attention and care. In order to keep your children safe, by all means use a GPS kids watch or tracking device to keep track of your child’s safety, but also talk to them about dangers and teach them responsibility. You should do this regardless of whether you are considering using GPS kids watches and tracking devices or not.

Parents must trust their children to make the right decisions and give them the freedom to do so. Ask yourselves: Are you considering using technology to keep your child safe, or are you tracking your child because you find it difficult to let go?

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