The watch

voice-calling Voice-Calling

PingMe kids watch can make and receive calls. You are able to programme up to 10 pre-selected numbers on the app so that your child is not limited to just a couple of numbers. The watch is designed so that with the simple touch of a button the child is able to call either mom or dad making it very easy for the child to communicate directly with their parents.

sos-calling SOS Call

One button with pre-programmed number to call for SOS.

talkback Talkback

Send a recorded voice mail to the PingMe that the child will be able to then access. The child is also able to record their own message to send to the parent’s phone.

low-battery Low Battery Alarm

The device will send a notification when the battery is running low ensuring you are suitably warned.

Apple Green PingMe Watch - PingMe GPS Kids Watch

watch Watch

It is after all a watch too and with its digital display and easy toggling between date and time will allow kids to learn the value of time while having a lot of fun.

safe-design Safe Design

The watch is designed specifically for kids and will stand up to the most robust of play. The materials are very safe for kids too and considered green.

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The App

PingMe App - PingMe GPS Kids Watch

white-list White List

This feature controls who can actually call the device and limits this to 5 numbers only.

geo-fence Geo-Fence

Enables parents to set up a virtual safe zone. Parents will receive a notifications to their phone when their child enters and leaves these safe zones.

smart-locator Smart Locator

PingMe uses a unique blend of GPS, GSM, and WiFi to allow parents to locate their child using the most accurate location information, both indoors and out. Using the app, you can see your child’s location on a map at any time. For parents with multiple children, you can simply create a profile for each child in the app.

track-history Track History

Parents are able to track the movement history of up to 3 months to obtain travel patterns.

love-rewards Love Rewards

Send your child a digital PingMe heart.

listen-function Listen In function

Allows parent to listen in to child’s surroundings.

removal  alarm Removal Alarm

After wearing the watch for 3 minutes the sensor will automatically send a direct notification to the parents smartphone if the watch is removed from the child’s wrist.

remote-shutdown Remote Shutdown

This feature allows the smart-phone app user to remotely shut down the device. This is a safety feature to not allow unauthorised people to switch off the device.

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The app is available in the Apple® App Store and Google Play store.

With the PingMe mobile companion app, parents can control their child’s PingMe right from their smartphone. They can set up their child’s PingMe, add the contacts, manage SafeZones, send digital love rewards, track their child’s location, and call their child from the app.


Get the PingMe App on Google Play Store - PingMe GPS Kids Watch Get the PingMe App on Google Play Store - PingMe GPS Kids Watch