PingMe 2018 Update

We've made the really tough decision to shut down our company here in South Africa, and will no longer be providing any tracking devices to our customers.

This change has implications, and we hope to answer as many questions as possible here.

We are no longer promoting, supporting or selling any PingMe devices or products. One-to-one support will be limited.

Active PingMe devices will continue to have connection to the servers, as the software is now hosted with our manufacturers.

The service quality may be reduced over time, and PingMe devices are no longer covered by or eligible for warranty exchange. We don’t expect to release regular software updates or new device features. 

Those who ordered and received PingMe from are no longer eligible for return or exchange.

Things you need to know:

The Company
PingMe is no longer selling, supporting or marketing PingMe devices. Orders from this website ( will no longer be accepted or fulfilled.

Calling and GPS tracking will continue to work as normal, you don't have to do anything the transition to our manufacturers is already in place. Some PingMe functionalities may be reduced over time.  

Warranty Claims
Warranty support is no longer available by PingMe.  
Feel free to contact our manufacturers directly if you had any manufacturing warranty queries - Sylvia +86 18813644317,

Product returns will no longer be accepted for any devices sold outside of 6 months after the date of purchase of a device. Devices purchased at retail stores may be returned or exchanged based on the retailer’s return policy.

Spare Parts
PingMe devices or spare parts will no longer be available from this store, There may be an option in the future of making contact with an independent engineer that could take this on in the future, but this is not yet confirmed.

Refund Requests
Refund requests will no longer be credited. If your order was placed or delivered in July 2018, you can try to dispute the charges with your bank in order to get the amount you paid refunded to your account.