Warranty Information:

A. We’ll send you replacement Products if, within 5 Business Days after we send

you a Delivery Notice: you write and let us know that your Products haven’t

arrived and our courier confirms that; you return the Products to us and write

and let us know that you are doing so because the Products:

- Delivered aren’t what you ordered; or

- The Products were damaged on delivery.


B. If for 2 year after you order our PingMe Products, you find that the Products are

defective, please return them to us. If we find that the Products are defective,

we’ll replace or repair it at our cost or refund the price to you, on request.


C. Our warranties in this clause don’t cover: wear and tear associated with normal

use; any modification, abuse, accident, disassembly, misapplication or

unauthorised repair; any improper use, including any use not in accordance

with any supplied product instructions;

connection to an improper voltage supply, overchargin the device;

and any other cause which does not relate to a defect in the materials

or workmanship.

If we repair or replace the Products in terms of clause A or B, we’ll bear the risk

and cost of returning it.