PingMe Adult Watch
PingMe Adult Watch
PingMe Adult Watch

PingMe Adult Watch

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The PingMe Adult watch is so much more than just a time piece, it’s a cell phone and GPS location device all blended into a cutting edge piece of wearable technology for teenagers and adults alike. Keep track of the watch wearers' location at any time directly on your smartphone. Call them, and they can call you!

The Adult GPS Watch is perfect for older children; sports enthusiasts who don’t want to carry a phone with them, or the elderly that needs connectivity!

The watch has a slick design and is available with either a silver or a gold face, with a black or a white strap - keeping it classic.

PingMe boasts a world class software that is always reliable. We make use of GSM, LBS, Wifi and GPS positioning for the most accurate positioning.


  • Accurate GPS tracker that works anywhere in the world
  • Voice calling to up to 10 pre-selected numbers
  • Side button for quick SOS calling
  • GEO Fenced safe zone with automatic alerts if you loved one leaves this area
  • 1 Year Warranty 
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  • The PingMe GPS Adult Watch - available in a silver or gold face with your choice of black or white silicone straps
  • Access to our App for Apple or Android phones - which allows you to keep track of your loved one at all times
  • Charger cable that fits into any USB port
  • Setup Instruction Manual with support contact details
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • FREE Delivery in South Africa